Women In Educational Leadership

(WIEL inc)

Women In Educational Leadership (WIEL inc) exists to provide support to women in and aspiring to educational leadership.

The charter of WIEL is fostering and nurturing leadership and management skills, amongst women leaders and women aspiring to leadership positions, in a supportive and collaborative environment

This is provided through:

  • provision of high quality professional development activities;
  • personal and professional support through WIEL networks and network activities;
  • identification and awareness-raising of issues of particular relevance for women and girls; and
  • contribution to succession planning within the DEC through mentoring and encouraging career development of women leaders.

WIEL supports Department of Education and Communities Workplace Diversity Policy.


The WIEL (inc) State Executive Team

The State Executive:

  • promotes state-wide WIEL activities;
  • supports the development and successful operation of WIEL networks which reflect local needs; and
  • ensures accurate information is provided to leadership groups regarding the focus and charter of WIEL.

Local Networks

Local Network groups support women in and aspiring to leadership by providing support in a variety of ways that meet local needs. This may involve activities such as dinner meetings, afternoon meetings or conferences. WIEL network operation is determined by the local group and can be supported by the State Executive Team.