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The WIEL State Team have decided to cancel the August 21 2020  annual conference due to the COVID19.

Good news we have secured all the speakers and our great venue for August 2021.

We are very excited to announce our speakers for this year.

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About WIEL..

WIEL (inc) is an incorporated body associated with and supported by the Department of Education and Training NSW.
The charter of WIEL is to foster and nurture leadership skills amongst women leaders and women aspiring to leadership in a supportive and collaborative environment. Membership is free and open to all women in education.
For more information please see our

For more information about networks and Local Network Contacts see information in the Networks tab.

WIEL Database

The WIEL Executive officer contacts WIEL members on the State database regularly to inform them of activities. If you wish to be placed on the database simply subscribe to the Mailing List (see form on the right hand side of this page).

WIEL State Team


(as at AGM April 2018)      


State Convenor                                        

Principal Castle Hill High School                                        


 Assistant Convenor  

 Dr Alexandra Mandel      Principal-in-Residence

Leadership Pathways, Leadership and High Performance 


Assistant Convenor                        Executive  Officer /Secretary/Treasurer

Tony Formby                                                                     Rose Pelley                 

Deputy Principal Terrigal Public School                            Retired Deputy Principal

   Toni 1                                                       Rose 1                                     


State Team Members    

Dianne Donatiello                                                       Melanie MacMillan

Principal St Johns Park Public School                       Principal Warwick Farm Public School

Di                                                Mel 1



Louise Reynolds                                                   Jennifer Hardwick

Principal Granville East Public School                  Principal East Hills Girls Technology High School

Louise 2                                           Jen Hardwick



Network Leaders 

Central Coast               Janelle Chapman                Assistant Principal - Brisbania Public School

Blue Mts/Penrith          Julie Lewis                           Instructional Leader - Rooty Hill Public School




Local Network Leaders

Julie Lewis - Instructional Leader, Rooty Hill Public School, Westminster St Rooty Hill 2766 NSW, Ph: 9625 8807

Emma Le Marquand - Relieving Principal, Katoomba High School, Martin St, Katoomba, 2780, NSW, Ph: 4782 2622

Janelle Chapman - Assistant Principal/High Expectations Mentor, Brisbania Public School Ph: 43691246

Donna Stackman - Principal, Tenambit PS, Ph: 49337196





Where did WIEL begin?


More than 15 years ago, several women in the Met West area regularly met together (in a pub) after school. Not every day, mind you – but every so often!! As they talked, as women do, they discussed how wonderful it would be if other women could enjoy the kind of support they gave each other at these gatherings.


Thus WIEL was born.


These women arranged meetings, conferences, inspiring professional development and generally supported and mentored women who were leaders or who aspired to leadership positions. The team expanded and so did WIEL.

The 10th anniversary State Conference was held in Sydney, in 2007 where the success of WIEL was celebrated. Over the years, hundreds of women have been associated with WIEL and have benefited from the support and inspiration provided by WIEL networks. WIEL continues to grow with new networks being set up all across the state and new state-wide projects initiated by the state team. A WIEL network has most recently been set up in New Zealand. So the WIEL message continues to inspire and support women in their leadership journeys.


Women In Educational Leadership

(WIEL inc)


Women In Educational Leadership (WIEL inc) exists to provide support to women in and aspiring to educational leadership.

The charter of WIEL is fostering and nurturing leadership and management skills, amongst women leaders and women aspiring to leadership positions, in a supportive and collaborative environment

This is provided through:

· provision of high quality professional development activities;

· personal and professional support through WIEL networks and network activities;

· identification and awareness-raising of issues of particular relevance for women and girls; and

· contribution to succession planning within the DEC through mentoring and encouraging career development of women leaders.

WIEL supports Department of Education and Communities Workplace Diversity Policy.


The WIEL (inc) State Executive Team

The State Executive:

· promotes state-wide WIEL activities;

· supports the development and successful operation of WIEL networks which reflect local needs; and

· ensures accurate information is provided to leadership groups regarding the focus and charter of WIEL.

Local Networks

Local Network groups support women in and aspiring to leadership by providing support in a variety of ways that meet local needs. This may involve activities such as dinner meetings, afternoon meetings or conferences. WIEL network operation is determined by the local group and can be supported by the State Executive Team.