Where did WIEL begin?


More than 15 years ago, several women in the Met West area regularly met together (in a pub) after school. Not every day, mind you – but every so often!! As they talked, as women do, they discussed how wonderful it would be if other women could enjoy the kind of support they gave each other at these gatherings.


Thus WIEL was born.


These women arranged meetings, conferences, inspiring professional development and generally supported and mentored women who were leaders or who aspired to leadership positions. The team expanded and so did WIEL.

The 10th anniversary State Conference was held in Sydney, in 2007 where the success of WIEL was celebrated. Over the years, hundreds of women have been associated with WIEL and have benefited from the support and inspiration provided by WIEL networks. WIEL continues to grow with new networks being set up all across the state and new state-wide projects initiated by the state team. A WIEL network has most recently been set up in New Zealand. So the WIEL message continues to inspire and support women in their leadership journeys.