Cal Wilson – Great Presentation

Thank you to all our participants who were able to join us at our breakfast presentation with Cal Wilson. An enjoyable, informative and very entertaining way to celebrate Women’s International Day with colleagues and friends.

Valuable Quotes

“Don’t take criticism from someone you won’t take advice from!”

” Don’t wait to be asked, just ask and chase the no!”

” Move out of your comfort zone into your courage zone!”

Particpant’s Comments

THANK YOU!!!! LOVED IT!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and have taken away a few phrases and ideas that I will put in place in my personal journey. Saying goodbye to the year 2020 was, this session was just the thing we ,women, needed as we all found it to be very uplifting and inspiring :)

What a great start to International Women’s Day. It was a pleasure to have breakfast and listen to Cal Wilson. Thank you for a wonderful start to Week 7.

My only criticism is that it wasn’t long enough. I loved it! Thank you Cal for being you!

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